Why Celebrate?

Business Anniversary Benefits

Milestones represent a rare opportunity to reinforce your organization’s values, goals, culture and brand over a sustained, 12-month period.
Our campaigns allow you to:
  • Affirm your organization’s longevity for the benefit of multiple stakeholders (customers, employees, retirees, suppliers, partners, the community and more)
  • Say thank you to those responsible for your success
  • Record the voices of your founder and/or descendants before the opportunity passes
  • Attract positive attention from the media, as well as industry analysts
  • Give your existing marketing programs a boost
  • Launch new initiatives
  • Inspire employee and customer loyalty
  • Underscore your organization’s contributions to the industry and the community
  • Showcase your company to current and prospective customers

Custom Anniversary Celebration Ideas

From historical research and company history videos to media relations, community service projects and special events, we will shine a positive light on your organization with continuity and consistency. Our custom anniversary initiatives honor your history, but they also lay the groundwork for your future.
Check out our 10 Tips for Business Anniversary Planning Success.

The Clock Is Ticking

Successful business anniversaries require input from top to bottom in an organization. They take time to plan. But you don’t need to shoulder this important responsibility alone. It’s likely in no one’s job description but ours.

So, let’s get started. We can’t wait to hear your story!

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