Historical Research & Writing

Capture Your Legacy

The Anniversary Company provides experienced archivists to help retrace and showcase your organization’s history. We provided support to clients in all stages of the historical preservation process. Some clients had existing professional archives when we first met them; others had simply a shoebox full of papers and photos! Our researchers’ efforts can be channeled into historical displays, brochures, newspaper supplements, videos, historical books, and re-enactments.

The Anniversary Company can help you tell your story in a way that:
  • Generates pride.
  • Preserves your organization’s origins, legends and bigger-than-life figures.
  • Shines a light on your contributions to your industry.
  • Demonstrates your cultural values.
We will research your organization and write an historical text to serve as a communications resource that may be:
  • Serialized on your website.
  • Printed and bound or published as a “virtual” book online.
  • Excerpted for articles and presentations.
  • Inspiration or support for a hard-copy business history book.

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The Clock Is Ticking

Successful business anniversaries require input from top to bottom in an organization. They take time to plan. But you don’t need to shoulder this important responsibility alone. It’s likely in no one’s job description but ours.

So, let’s get started. We can’t wait to hear your story!

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