Our Process

Six-Phase Process

Our proven six-phase process ensures that you take advantage of every opportunity and avoid mistakes. Here is how it works.

Phase 1: Set Goals and Objectives

Establish a cross-functional steering committee to champion the anniversary planning process. Empower the committee to identify target audiences and then set anniversary campaign goals and objectives.


Phase 2: Brainstorm

Consider messages for each audience and brainstorm initiatives that convey those messages.

Phase 3: Narrow the Focus

Measure the potential return on investment for each initiative and seek feedback from stakeholders.


Phase 4: Design, Price and Plan

Design and sequence initiatives, identify supplier partners and create budgets and project plans.

Phase 5: Work the Plan

Execute the initiatives during the anniversary year.


Phase 6: Evaluate Performance

Review metrics and target audience feedback to calculate tangible ROI and estimate the intangible.

It’s a lot. We know. And you already have a full-time job, right? So don’t stress about adding these business anniversary planning responsibilities to your plate. We’ve got your back. Give us a call.


The Clock Is Ticking

Successful business anniversaries require input from top to bottom in an organization. They take time to plan. But you don’t need to shoulder this important responsibility alone. It’s likely in no one’s job description but ours.

So, let’s get started. We can’t wait to hear your story!

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